Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Felix Vetter mid 20th Century examples (follow up from 2014 posting)

A ring and a brooch made by Felix Vetter

There is a classic sumptuousness about these pieces that is unique to the work of Felix Vetter. A kind of baroque lyricism. Lushness and abandon as opposed to minimalist control. Enjoy them. Do not sell the

One can see the pleasure he had in designing these pieces.

Felix, more than any other local goldsmith that I am familiar with, was able to create an intimacy between his jewellery and the person that wears it. This is especially evident with the detailed attention given to the inside of his rings. It is like a little secret that is only really enjoyed and appreciated by the person who wears it. 

See an earlier posting for examples of this intimacy.


Figure 1: Gold ring

Figure 2: Gold Brooch


Figure 3: Brooch pin reverse 1

Figure 4: Brooch pin reverse 2